Join Our Musician Referral Affiliate Program and Get Up to 30%
for Your Referrals to Music Mates

How many musicians do YOU know in the music business that could really use a system like Music Mates? Do you know any music instructors? Bands for hire? Bands looking for musicians to fill a spot? Musicians wanting to join a band?

Why not get paid for referring the people you know to our system?

If you refer any of your friends to us, and they sign-up for a 60-Day Showcase Posting or a 12-Month Showcase annual membership, we'll send a commission check to YOU--even if you never make a posting yourself !!

How Much Can You Earn?:

Sign-up for a free Music Mates account for yourself and you'll get 10% of the sales dollars generated from those you've referred to our system.

But, if you upgrade your free account to a 12-month Showcase Membership, you'll get 35% for each referral you send our way that signs-up for a Showcase Posting.

How to Start Referring in Under 5 Minutes

Becoming a Music Mates Referrer is easy and financially rewarding. Recommending musicians to our system could easily become a part-time or even full-time income for you if you're willing to put just a few hours a week into it.

And, hey, Music Mates works! And, it has since 1995. So you can rest assured that you will be getting people involved with something that really will help them.

Step 1:
Add a free account for yourself if you haven't already. You must be registered in our system so that we can accurately track your referrals and send commission checks to you.

Step 2:
Login to your account and click on the link titled, "Paid Referrals Section" located under the Edit My Account link.

Step 3:
Choose how you're going to refer people to Music Mates. In the Paid Referrals Section, you'll see two boxes with some suggested verbiage and some HTML code that is unique to your account. From there, use one or all of the following options in your promotion efforts:

  • Option 1 - Copy and paste the code we provide you into an e-mail and send it to musicians you know. When they click on the link and add an account to Music Mates, that account will register you as the referrer. When they buy a Showcase Posting (even if they don't upgrade for several months), you'll get credit for the purchase.

  • Option 2 - Copy and paste the code we provide you into your web site. When visitors to your site click on the link and eventually sign-up for a Showcase Posting, you'll get credit for the purchase.

  • Option 3 - Use your phone to contact every musician, instructor and band that you know and tell them about Music Mates. Offer to ADD an account FOR THEM right then as you're on the phone with them. When they give you the go-ahead, copy and paste the url + your code in your browser address window. Even if they choose to have you add only a free account now, they'll likely come back later to upgrade and you'll still get credit.

    For instructors and bands for hire, Option 3 will be your best chance to get them signed-up for a 12-month Showcase Membership.
Step 4:
Return to the Paid Referrals Section to view the accounts that have purchased Showcase Postings. After someone has purchased a Showcase level posting, the value of that posting and the username will appear on the Paid Referrals Section page. After we cut your check, you'll also be able to see on that page that we have done so.

How and When Will You Get Paid?
On the second week of every month, we'll review the paid referrals that have been allocated to your account from the previous month. Then we'll verify those records with our order processing. When the credit cards and checks have cleared, and your payment amounts to more than $50, we'll cut your check and send it to you in the mail.

How Will Refunds be Handled?
Since 1995, we've only had 1 single participant ask for a refund. The person was looking for something so remote and specific, that after 6 months of trying to find what he was looking for, we finally decided it was best to provide the refund.

In the event that one of your referrals is provided a refund, and you were already paid commission, we'll simply withold that quantity from the next check we send to you.  No big deal.

And that's pretty much it.

Have questions about the process? Just complete our e-mail contact form and we will reply promptly or give us a call at 303-743-0832.

Referring people you know to Music Mates is the easiest money you'll ever make. It's also the best recommendation you could give! Sign-up to get paid for your referrals today and help spread the word that Music Mates exists!
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